Hangout Highlights – Laser Dog, HoPiKo Game, and Desktop Apps

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 157, we talked with special guests Rob and Simon from Laser Dog about Hopiko, their latest action packed mobile game. We also discussed their plans for publishing Win32 and OS X desktop games with controller support. If you missed the Hangout, here are clips to help you catch up. […]

Corona Geek #158 – Building Game Objects and Reloading Levels

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we continued our “Using Gravity In Games” development discussion with a look at building game objects, restarting and advancing to new levels. This was part four of our ongoing look at developing a game similar to the popular mobile game, They Must Be Fed 3. The project’s source is available. If you haven’t already, download the updated code to see how everything works.

Hangout Highlights – Implementing Levels In Games

Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 156, we continued our “Using Gravity In Games Series”. Ed Maurina showed us how to implement levels into our game. With even a simple understanding of the level file, you can create hundreds of completely custom levels using the concepts discussed. Here are clips from the hangout, along with a link to download the code.

Corona Geek #156 – Using Gravity In Games – Part 3, Adding Blocks, Spikes, Coins, and Monsters

Today we covered part three of our “Using Gravity In Games” game development series with a look at level building. We looked at code for positioning platforms, spikes, coins, and monsters. We looked at how to dynamically center the camera on the player’s starting position. Finally, we discussed the benefits of making code reusable and adding the ability to turn features on and off during play testing. Download the updated source code for a full look at how the game works.

Corona Geek #155 – 3D Printed Game Pieces and Using Gravity In Games – Part 2

Today, we talked with special guest Todd Porter, CEO of BoardCraft about creating 3D printed game pieces. We also continued our gravity game discussion with a look at how to set up our world using layers, how to enable multitouch, and how to capture key inputs on Windows and OS X. The project code and graphics have been updated since last week, so be sure to download the updated source code.